Designed for anyone who ventures into the wilds, the Adventure Survival Band lets you take your essential survival gear with you wherever you go.

 Hand made in the USA of durable high quality 3” nylon webbing and hook and Loop closures, the Adventure Survival Band provides an adjustable watch mount, compass and thermometer strap, and four elastic pockets with a flap to hold several survival items that could save your life.

Here is a sampling of survival items that can be carried by the ASB, of course, you are limited to what you can fit in the four pockets.

 LED flashlight                                                                           

Mini Butane Lighter/ Fire

Starter Compass/Thermometer                                                                             

Aluminum rescue whistle

 Medications / Water Purifying tablets

Cable Wood Saw


Micro tools (Swiss Tech 19 in one)

 Fishing line/hooks

Suture Kit

Rescue Mirror

Mini Strobe

and numerous other accessories.

You provide the inexpensive, readily available survival gear and the combination that works for your area and needs.

 Available in Camo, Black, Tan and other colors, the ASB guarantees you will have the tools you’ll need if the going gets tough.


Designed to be worn whenever you venture out, the Adventure Survival Band is great for:




Mountain Bikers

Off  Roaders 


and anyone who strays from civilization.


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* Watch Bamd Only – Survival Gear Not Included.